What we do

User Insight Studies

To create successful and desirable services, you must first understand the user. Failing to properly identify and meet the needs of the user has proven to be most common reason for failure.

We help you to truly understand the user, such as the cultural environment he lives in, what are his daily practices and what he needs. We gather and analyse this information to provide you with in-depth, actionable insights.

With these insights, you will identify new opportunities to serve your customers better: create new services, improve existing ones, build the relationship between you and your customer and ultimately create a roadmap for your organization to reach a state of excellent user experience.

Concept Design

With users’ needs and requirements identified, we can create the concept for the complete service or product, or individual components. Your concept communicates what the service entails and how it can be used. Most importantly, the concept describes how the service provides value both to the users and to the organization providing it.

Through concept design, we design the overall idea of the service: the value proposition, content, structure, features and functionalities.

User Interface Design

After determining the service concept, the next step is to transform it into something concrete. We design user interfaces for all digital products and platforms. In addition to common displays like computers, tablets, phones and TVs, we have designed UIs for watches, elevators and health care equipment.

We know what it takes to create a great user interface and never cut corners to get there.

User Experience Testing

Once there is something concrete it is valuable to gather feedback and insights. Seeing real people interacting with your design is an eye-opening experience. User testing can be conducted with paper or clickable prototypes or implemented services.

User experience testing will help you ensure the quality of your service experience.