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Cresense interviewed Basware’s Director of UX and UA, Mika Röykkee, about the reasons and benefits of User Experience at Basware and co-operation with Cresense.

Why does Basware invest in User Experience?

The expectations for well functioning, user friendly products and services are increasingly important also in the B-to-B environment. There shouldn’t be any difference when designing products and services for consumers or businesses.

For Basware, there are really two main reasons why investing in User Experience is seen as so important.

  • Firstly and most importantly, customers demand excellent user experience, and it’s become a key decision making factor.
  • Secondly, product development costs are decreased and efficiency is improved when taking UX into the process from the initial stages and throughout the whole development process.

User and customer experience are actually even defined in the Basware whole company level strategy under “customer focus” and “Customers for Life” initiative.

How does Basware invest in User Experience?

We have done a lot of changes in the processes. We have taken User Experience and the whole customer life cycle model as part of the product development process. We understand that UX design is not the same as UI design or visual design. We have taken into use new methods and UX is included in a much broader concept. For example we do a lot more research and concept validation in the initial phase and along the process.

Mika Roykkee Basware

Mika Röykkee, Director of UX and UA, Basware

At Basware UX is on everyone’s agenda and everyone’s concern but it’s centrally co-ordinated by the UX team, so that e.g. the style and guidelines are followed. The team includes designers, UX specialists and user assistance people, and it is responsible for UX but can’t obviously do everything, which is why we also use partners, like Cresense. In addition we use system testing to eliminate any bugs already before the assessment and user test phases.

All in all, we need to really know who the products are made for, what purpose they serve and how they’re used. Any changes made afterwards increase costs, delay go-to-market and affect customer satisfaction. When things are clear in the beginning, the outcome is good.

How much does technology dictate UX at Basware?

Of course technology affects things as the back-end sets the base for the front-end. Legislation has its say in this business as well, e.g. how invoicing needs to be conducted in different countries. Also different companies have different processes e.g. regarding approvals, etc. So there are a lot of things that need to be considered, but when listening to the customer carefully we can even challenge the customer’s processes to help them gain efficiency and save costs.The end-user perspective is included in Basware’s strong technology know-how and taken through different stages or gates in the process to improve UX and add value to the customer.

What about design – how much is and should be done in-house, and what should be outsourced?

The core design must be done by the company itself, but parts of it can be done outside of course. It’s important, however, that the understanding of the core remains within.

From the outside it makes sense to get help for user research and concept validation. Most importantly, you get new ideas and more of the “that’s not all” –attitude. Outside eyes give new views to things and open new opportunities that can be utilized in completely new ways.

Do you have any recommendations or guidance related to UX?

Well, this isn’t rocket science, but you need professionals to support what you’re doing. E.g. for interaction design and other kinds of design you need special skills to find the best possible solutions. The focus must be on the end-user, on the customer. You need to think from their perspective and not from what the technology enables.

How does the co-operation with Cresense show in the Basware UX work and how would you describe it?

The co-operation has helped opening up the eyes internally on how much value there is in UX research, validation and design. Everyone realizes how smoothly things work and at the same time we’ve been able to grow our understanding that we’re able to get what we have asked for and gain value for our work.

Based on the long co-operation we can say that we can fully trust that things always go as planned and we always know what we get. We know each other well and our ways of working. Whoever from Cresense participates, things just work. We’d never switch you for another!

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