Participate in our user studies

Cresense is constantly looking for people to participate in user studies. Would you like to participate and tell your opinion? In our studies you discuss service idea in a group session, try a new service in a usability test, or use an existing service in your daily life in a diary study.

You may be young or old, experienced or inexperienced with technology, employed or unemployed – depending on the study at hand we need participants with varying backgrounds. You always get a reward for the participation.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below, so that we know who you are. We’ll get back to you, when we need someone like you to participate. Most often the first contact is by email, but we always check details in a phone call.

It is a matter of honor for us that your information won’t be given to any third parties or used for marketing purposed. Check our Information Security Policy.

Hope to see you soon in our studies!