Cresense keeps growing and expands to China


Cresense, a leading international UX Design agency, strengthens its operations by hiring more staff to its US operations and opening an office in Shanghai, China. It now has four offices world wide being able to provide services on three continents.

The investments for designing user-centric digital services grow on a global level.  The Shanghai office helps Cresense serve its international customers even better.  In addition to its existing customers, the company actively looks for new customers and increasing synergies between its other offices in Helsinki, Singapore and San Jose, Silicon Valley.

“We grew by almost 50% last year and we see the international expansion as a an important part of our growth strategy, so we keep investing in it.  In addition to growth it brings new and bigger projects, adds to our experience and knowhow and evens out seasonality. The office in China increases synergies for both ourselves and our customers”, says Marko Rapeli, CEO of Cresense.

As the regional director for Greater China, Cresense appointed Mr. Vijay Selvaraj, who has years of experience of the chinese market and has built and run similar functions in China before. Cresense aims to build a local team in China but will also utilize the whole global staff.

“Asia and North America are important markets for many companies. For them it’s critical that the user experience of their products and services meet the local needs and demands. So, local presence is essential and at the same time our customers get consistent quality from one provider globally”, Rapeli continues.

Great customer experience is a critical success factor for any business today. Professional customer centric UX Design brings conrete results for companies in form of increased sales, improved customer loyalty and higher efficiency.

Cresense’s cutomers are e.g. Microsoft, Samsung, Rovio, Supercell, KONE, F-Secure and Comptel.
Cresense participates in the Mobile World Congress 2.-5. March in Barcelona:

Additional information:
Cresense, Marko Rapeli, CEO, mob. +358 50 3233 973
Cresense China, Vijay Selvaraj, Regional Director, +86 187 2150 5178

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