Designing an online service to send parcels

Posti Group provides postal, logistics and e-commerce services in 11 countries. Posti has a nearly 400-year-old history, and it is actively developing Posti’s services to meet the evolving needs of customers and consumers.

Posti had recognized that consumers have got higher expectations on user experience in digital services. At the same time the demand for digital services is increasing. To improve the consumer experience Posti asked Cresense to design an online service with a user-centered approach for consumers to send parcels.

Cresense delivered the assignment with an iterative design process and continuous user validation. As the end-result Cresense delivered a validated service concept and UI design, and also some important user insight to support Posti’s business decisions in service development. The project was a good starting point for a further digitalization of Posti’s services.

GUI for sending parcels

What we did

  • Service concept design
  • User interface design
  • User testing with clickable prototypes
  • Contextual rapid user testing


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